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Kyle J. Parker


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planetarian HD2016


PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of planetarian HD

While I've been exploring the visual novel genre, Key is the heavyweight company I've avoided up until this point; I'm not particularly keen on VNs that look too anime-like, especially of the smutty nature, but Planetarian HD stuck out due to its pos...more

Getting further into VN culture, you see a lot of big names pop up: The Nonary Games (love em), Danganronpa, Ace Attorney, the mainstream stuff. Doki Dokie Literature Club is another one I have always has espoused to me, but always with an asterisk -...more

Sonic Frontiers needs an important preface: It's not the Sonic Renaissance that plenty of Sonic fans want it to be. It's understandable that their desperation for Sonic to be back at the top of the industry would lead to plenty of applause for what S...more



Xbox Series X|S

Cover of Biomutant

I should have listened to the reviews; I wanted to love Biomutant for its vibrancy, and quirks, and open world nature. But, after nearly 35 hours spent, it's a hollow shell of repetition, wanting to be larger than what it presents, but not only does ...more



PlayStation 5

Cover of Toem

I feel like I, as a review, have this tendency to believe that a more complex game is ostensibly a better game; this doesn't mean that games with ridiculously complex and interweaving systems, or even complicated controls - Ghosts of Tsushima constan...more