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Kyle J. Parker


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PC (Microsoft Windows)

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I'm a sucker for a good 3D platformer; while Poi is going to be too basic for some, in both quality and content (a full 100% run will go about eight hours), it's a fun little indie romp with some basic variety and a constant sense of progression. Th...more

I guess putting over one hundred hours into a game qualities one enough to review it (though I may absolutely never get the tribute summon achievement - who tribute summons in 2023?). Master Duel is, by and large, the most prominent digitization of t...more

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is one of those experience you pick up during a Steam Summer sale, and because of its short length, decide to knock out in a couple of sessions - so I did. There's a certain novelty to games that keep one contained to a sin...more

Not going to lie, I was drawn to this one on the basis of it's title alone; I'm a sucker for visual novels, especially ones that push the envelope of asking the audience to consider how a game and a novel can not only co-exist in the same space, but ...more

If you need any testament to the kind of game God of War: Ragnarök is, I completed 47 hours, getting the Platinum and doing everything, in the course of exactly one week, and a game of this size normally takes me a month or longer. Ragnarök is a triu...more