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Kyle J. Parker


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PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of MageQuit

Magequit was one of hose Fanatical bundle games that I enjoyed but wasn't sure I would really ever play; a couple of willing friends later, and it has now become one of our mainstay rotation games. Magequit is a simple game of simple mechanics that b...more



PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of Afterimage

Writing a review for a game like Afterimage is weird; over the course of two weeks, I put in nearly 35 hours to the game, binding it near nonstop when I had free time. I have a bit of an obsessive quality when it comes to Metroidvanias, as their sens...more

Some games are just straight game-candy; playing them elicits such joy, such zest, such a passion for playtime. If you had asked me in a general sense, I would say that 3D Mario captures that feeling more immensely and consistently than 2D Mario, but...more



PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of Wavetale

Wavetale is absolutely stunning to watch; gliding across the water gives the same euphoric feeling as watching Link sore through the ocean in Wind Waker, and in many ways, it's a more fluid mechanic. Sigrid's ability to jump, flip, dive, and even jus...more

9 Years of Shadows2023


PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of 9 Years of Shadows

I may binge-play Metroidvanias to their completion, but that doesn't mean that I particularly love every one that I play; in fact, in the case of 9 Years of Shadow, it more comes down to an "in the moment" fun gameplay loop, filled with quick downtim...more