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Kyle J. Parker


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I remember gaming fans getting enraged at the idea that a Zelda game could receive an 8.8 rating for a major gaming outlet; yet, in reflecting on Twilight Princess, I honestly cannot say I see the issue here. Twilight Princess is a solid entry into t...more

When I consider how good the Arkham games are, I think of Arkahm City; it takes the puzzle solving, the combat, the exploration, the dark theming, even the combat rooms - all the excellent qualities of the previous game, and ramps them up with Arkham...more

Jak 32004


PlayStation 2

Cover of Jak 3

If Jak 2 dramatically changed the direction of the franchise, than Jak 3 refined it; the series never felt larger than this entry, both in scope and in the story it was trying to tell. It makes vehicle combat meaningful, in such a way that would be e...more

The Surge2017


PlayStation 4

Cover of The Surge

I don't beat many of the Soulsborne games; maybe I'm just a crappy gamer, or maybe the vagueness of some objectives just throws me off. But, I did find myself pushing through both those concepts for The Surge, one or only two Soulsborne-genre games I...more

Spyro: Year of the Dragon is, as consensus seems to, the last good original Spyro game, with not a rekindling of quality flame until the Reignited Edition nearly two decades later; and, while it fits the third entry symptom of having a bigger world, ...more