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Kyle J. Parker


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Quantic Dreams is one of those studios I have come to respect the more and more I play their games; there's something to to be said about writing a good narrative in a medium that largely gets by on passive, throwaway stories. Detroit: Become Human i...more

Helldivers 22024


PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of Helldivers 2

There is something special about Helldivers 2. Whether it's the absolute mayhem of its tiered difficulties, the unhinged yet meticulous strategy required to play it with friends, or the larger community that rallies behind both its in-game and larger...more

I'll read pretty much visual novel that is not a heavily anime-inspired, continuously optimistic love story between two "eighteen" year olds that barely look like they have hit puberty. Thus, seeing some like Tyrania that focused on more macabre them...more

Koji Igarashi might be one of the most impactful names to ever grace the Metroidvania genre - being one of the key talents on Symphony of the Night will do that for you. While I avoided playing Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night in order to avoid a pr...more



PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of Loopers

Sometimes I am a simple man: I see a visual novel from Key, and I want to read/play it - simple as that. With Loopers comes another kinetic experience, devoice of choices, but certainly not of emotion. The theming of this one continues on into one of...more