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Kyle J. Parker


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To the Moon2011


PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of To the Moon

I am always looking for strong narratives in videogames; it's a medium that (rightfully so) focuses on the active over the passive, meaning stories are more backdrops to the action, merely meant to string together set pieces, like the Uncharted actio...more

I've never been drawn to the humor of Rick and Morty; maybe there's something about the zeitgeist that surrounds it that makes it unappealing, but I've never found clips or sections of it overly enjoyable; that could not have been further from the tr...more

I really, really enjoyed the original SUPERHOT; I found its mix of shooting and puzzles an intricate mix that focused more on reaction than perfect aiming. It was type of game that really seemed like a VR game that settled for consoles...but with SUP...more

Doom is the embodiment of a fun shooter; you have demons, you have guns, you have speed, and you a metalcore score blasting in the background while all of this intermingles. While I'd never truly put much time in a Doom game, sans brief excursions wi...more

I must be the only visual novel fan that prefers Zero Time Dilemma to Virtue's Last Reward (though it comes nowhere near the quality of the original). While I found Virtue's Last Reward to be fun from a sci-fi perspective, it dragged out, with more ...more