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Kingdom Hearts2002


PlayStation 2

Cover of Kingdom Hearts

A childhood classic that offered a great challenge. Some bits of the game are tedious (i.e. hard bosses and some annoying platforming), but other than that, the nostalgia factor for me makes this experience worthwhile.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but there just isn't enough content. Sure, there's plenty to do, but in a much more real sense, there's absolutely nothing to do. The inclusion of mini-games would've gone a long way to help the longevity of multipla...more

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PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of Braid

A beautiful platformer around time manipulation. Jonathan Blow is a maestro.

It is kinda fun, but so empty and also easy while having some mildly infuriating gameplay design decisions.

I remember gaming fans getting enraged at the idea that a Zelda game could receive an 8.8 rating for a major gaming outlet; yet, in reflecting on Twilight Princess, I honestly cannot say I see the issue here. Twilight Princess is a solid entry into t...more

When I consider how good the Arkham games are, I think of Arkahm City; it takes the puzzle solving, the combat, the exploration, the dark theming, even the combat rooms - all the excellent qualities of the previous game, and ramps them up with Arkham...more

Jak 32004


PlayStation 2

Cover of Jak 3

If Jak 2 dramatically changed the direction of the franchise, than Jak 3 refined it; the series never felt larger than this entry, both in scope and in the story it was trying to tell. It makes vehicle combat meaningful, in such a way that would be e...more

The Surge2017


PlayStation 4

Cover of The Surge

I don't beat many of the Soulsborne games; maybe I'm just a crappy gamer, or maybe the vagueness of some objectives just throws me off. But, I did find myself pushing through both those concepts for The Surge, one or only two Soulsborne-genre games I...more

Spyro: Year of the Dragon is, as consensus seems to, the last good original Spyro game, with not a rekindling of quality flame until the Reignited Edition nearly two decades later; and, while it fits the third entry symptom of having a bigger world, ...more

I have a long history of playing Spider-man games, so seeing all the iterations over the years has been something; while the current crop of Insomniac games has nailed the balance of combat and exploration, an entry like Web of Shadows was still stum...more

There is something about the tone of The Wind Waker I have always admired; sure, it is quite as melancholy as Majora's Mask, but there's something about being out at sea, one that has buried Hyrule, that feels distinctly sobering. The islands themsel...more

Ever since putting countless hours into the Final Fantasy Tactics series as a child, I've grown more and more fond of the strategy genre; it feels thoughtful in a medium that tends to feel thoughtless at the highest level. Fire Emblem: Awakening was ...more

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