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I've tried on a few occasions in the past to play through this, though each has been well after the the game's original release. This was my furthest effort so far, and I got near the halfway mark before I finally gave up. It's a little frustrating...more

As I am getting older, I am just not buying into the idea that more game + more fun game, even if the base gameplay loop is an enjoyable one; experiences should be carefully tailored to maximize the experience, even in open world games such as Days G...more

There are some gaming experiences you wear a smile through the entirety of their play time; usually, these are short, enriching experiences, as the longer some games turn out, the less the magic feels preserved.'re a Mario game. For the ent...more

I am not sure what I was expecting from an ostensible tech demo for the Playstation 5, but after absolutely engorging myself on the charm of Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, I can said that my expectations were absolutely shattered once again, culminating ...more

As far as the story and character tropes go, this is pretty meat and potatoes. Predictable, doesn't reinvent the wheel, but everything is well executed and satisfying to see through. The sheer amount of optional skits and party dialogue, plus a c...more

It was ok. Had its moments, mostly mediocre and boring, but it had some really nice levels too. Overall though the story was mundane and nothing to write home about. If you like futuristic stuff and what the distant future could look like tech-wise ...more



PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of Celeste

Always gonna be an uphill battle Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose Ain't about how fast I get there Ain't about what's waiting on the other side It's the climb

performance der switch version ist shit

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To the Moon2011


PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of To the Moon

I am always looking for strong narratives in videogames; it's a medium that (rightfully so) focuses on the active over the passive, meaning stories are more backdrops to the action, merely meant to string together set pieces, like the Uncharted actio...more

I've never been drawn to the humor of Rick and Morty; maybe there's something about the zeitgeist that surrounds it that makes it unappealing, but I've never found clips or sections of it overly enjoyable; that could not have been further from the tr...more

I really, really enjoyed the original SUPERHOT; I found its mix of shooting and puzzles an intricate mix that focused more on reaction than perfect aiming. It was type of game that really seemed like a VR game that settled for consoles...but with SUP...more

Das Schwingen könnte ich ewig machen

Im Koop durchaus cool

Spaßig aber zu kurz und zu wenig.

Damals wie heute ein spaßiges Spielprinzip als übernatürlicher Assassine zu schleichen und zu kämpfen. Aber noch nicht so ausgereift und divers wie der Nachfolger

Noch besser als der tolle Vorgänger. Vor allem das Kampsystem und die Abwechslung in der Spielwelt. Einer der besten Plattformer aller Zeiten.

Wunderschön und auch fordernd.


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