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Unbelievable game. Could just swing around for hours.

It was ok. Had its moments, mostly mediocre and boring, but it had some really nice levels too. Overall though the story was mundane and nothing to write home about. If you like futuristic stuff and what the distant future could look like tech-wise ...more

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Outer Wilds2019


PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of Outer Wilds

I have some grievances with some of the puzzles/areas and having to repeat things often because of messing up platforming and I took long breaks a few times because of feeling lost, but I still just can't deny this game just is amazing and anyone tha...more

Das war überraschend Langweilig.

Schöne Weiterführung des Originals. Das Kämpfen macht Spaß und läuft auf der PS5 flüssig mit 60 Bildern die Sekunde. Dazu kommt mit der Länge von ca. 8 Stunden, nie ein Gefühl von Langeweile auf. Die Handlung ist ziemlich spaßig, besonders wenn man "...more

Decent, 2nd is a massive improvement.

A Short Hike2019


PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of A Short Hike

The first of my completed games from the Itchio Ukraine bundle was exactly as promised: A short Hike is, dutifully, a short experience about hiking (or in this case, flying) up a mountaintop. Mechanically sparse but indelibly charming, A Short Hike i...more

I have always had a thing for those "you against the machine" kind of games; and, what better way to embody that than The Turing Test, who eponymous nature notes the type of challenge the player faces. It's a mid-tier puzzle game that moves along bri...more



PlayStation 4

Cover of Flower

It's always a tad difficult to really rate these experiential games; Flowers is a videogame in the sense that there's a defined avatar - the wind - that moves around, and there are levels, but that's about where the game-ness ends. Flowers is more ab...more

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