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Really cute and enjoyable game to get ticked off in a couple of hours, a very interesting but jokey story incorporated into some easy gameplay made this a fun experience all round. Also, the soundtrack to this game is simply fantastic - that alone de...more

Fun, but very repetitive considering you have to play through the entire game 5 times to collect the platinum. Once you’ve got all of the upgrades, which is usually around the hard - very hard stage, it is a complete slog to get all of the levels don...more

NFS2015 keeps a lot of what I was looking for when trying to replicate the experience of NFSU2. The customisation is great and the night time + rain aspect of the game makes it very aesthetically pleasing. However, I felt the gameplay lacked a lot of...more

A very charming and enjoyable game about a goose that wants to cause grief to and terrorise a whole town. The game is quite short, with only 4 main levels. However, the gameplay is refreshing and new, and I haven’t heard of a game like this that util...more

Probably one of the most frustrating games I’ve ever had the displeasure of getting the platinum for. The mechanics will often screw you over for no reason, and if it isn’t that, then you’re sure to get squashed, eaten, captured or some other various...more


Ranking how enjoyable it was to get the platinum trophy in games. I am very biased towards platinum enjoyment, so if I give a good game a 1, it’s probably because I smashed 4 TV’s trying to get it.


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