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It is kinda fun, but so empty and also easy while having some mildly infuriating gameplay design decisions.

Outer Wilds2019


PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of Outer Wilds

I have some grievances with some of the puzzles/areas and having to repeat things often because of messing up platforming and I took long breaks a few times because of feeling lost, but I still just can't deny this game just is amazing and anyone tha...more

The Gunk2021


PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of The Gunk

It was fun, the goo-removing just is really satisfying and the world was nice to explore, but the gameplay definitely is kinda limited and the story rather simple, though I really liked the two main character's voice acting and general dynamic. If it...more

Darkest Dungeon II2021


PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of Darkest Dungeon II

I really enjoyed it with some caveats, but I think I should now wait for a few more updates of content and changes.



PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of Firewatch

It was fun while it lasted, looks gorgeous and the storytelling with basically just two people talking to each other on a walkie-talkie worked really nicely. Looking back on it the story is somewhat flawed however, just some things that happened don...more