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+ Dark souls style combat without being too frustrating + Uncharted style cinematic setpieces + Metroid Prime style exploration and 3D Map + Strong characters and settings - Liberally copies but never surpasses inspirations - Terrible reward structu...more

+ Gorgeous unique visuals + Great eastern soundrack + Zelda-esque dungeon design - Extremely slow pacing; way too long - Sloppy controls; didn't feel good to play - Wasn't grabbed by story and characters - "voice acting" drove me crazy

+ Incredible scale of boss fights + Intriguing story told subtlety + "games as art" + Remake preserved atmosphere/feel of original while adding gorgeous visuals - Camera is very frustrating - Finding Colossi is annoying in empty world

Telling Lies2019


PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of Telling Lies

+ Active role in uncovering story + Compelling story and great actors + Little framing device touches (reflections, desktop, etc) - Inability to watch clips from beginning is frustrating - Watching half of conversations; too much dead air ...more

+ Awesome unique art style that fits game well + Quality of life changes (Item mapping! Scrolling screen!) + Compact yet expansive overall experience + Fully commits to it's unique story and world + Dense map design and clever dungeon design - Frame...more