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Really fun platformer. Fun levels, surprisingly good level design they feel grand but are infact pretty small. Game has length but keeps things nicely simple without making it too big. Only downgrade is the occasional grinding before unlocking next ...more

Could very well be the best lego game, it's very close. In terms of gameplay this is the best with it's levels and open world. Love the addition that you can sometimes choose which part of the level you play first. Pretty surprised that something ...more

Another contender for the best lego game. It helps that the first 3 movies have a special place in my heart. Gameplay really good, really fun levels, and one of the best opening levels to any videogame imo. Only big downgrade is that this includes ...more

Improves gameplay, love most levels but overall the same game as the previous. One thing this weakened is the color grading, for some reason on Wii it is a bit too murky at times

Really fun, love most of the levels, hogwarts is handled very well. Hard to pick between this and the sequel. Sequel overall is better gameplay wise but this depicts the 4 best HP movies