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Lies of P2023


PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of Lies of P

One of the best soulslike clones I've played. Not on par with Bloodborne or Sekiro or Dark Souls. Mostly due to level design, enemy design+repetetivity and some clunkyness and issues with the statsystem and that some mechanics are skill tree gated, t...more

Persona 5 Royal2019


PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of Persona 5 Royal

Despite playing P5 in the past, I decided to play P5R. I have no regrets. It takes a lot of time but as the Game tells you... Take your Time. It's an incredible Journey with a horribly paced beginning but the game just keeps getting better and better...more



PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of Control

Tough to some it up.. it was cool, but it had me lose interest multiple times. Story is somewhat interesting, but foreseeable for the most part.. had only one truly memorable section which is a pretty late mission and i think it only stood out cuz of...more

It was a cool Journey.. but idk compared to the last of us there is not enough "oh i wanna know what happens next" except in the very early and late parts of the game. Also while I enjoy the adventure vibes more.. it was just too much of the same ove...more

Insanely good looking (and sounding) game, story is pretty cool, gameplay feels pretty cool too. I dont even know how to review this properly as it just "feels very good".