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Hogwarts Legacy2023


PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of Hogwarts Legacy

Solid game, but barely anything worth remebering except for the Sebastian Questline. If this game wasnt set in hogwarts and had quite some love to the detail it wouldnt be as great. Pretty much the same the entire game, same few puzzles all the time...more



PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of Returnal

Banger game beinding me over and over and over

As Dusk Falls2022


PC (Microsoft Windows)

Cover of As Dusk Falls

Engaging Story, choices feel like they matter, unique art style. Characters feel decently realistic and the choices dont seem too out of the box either. All in all a good story. Not sure how this game takes up like 60gb of space tho.

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Today I finally beat the Return to Monkey Island, the successor to The Secret of Monkey Island 1+2 LeChuck's Revenge. And oh boy, this is some fanservice and I am very certain the end is controversial - as expected We meet a lot of the characters we...more