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in terms of story, setting, atmosphere, sound design, and just overall presentation, this is pretty much the best sequel to super metroid one could ask for. in terms of the core gameplay, though, it's hard to imagine a less faithful sequel. from st...more

i don't like how the player is guided and hand held through the game but the sequence breaking is so well built in that it almost entirely redeems it. i sincerely wish more games did something like this, especially ones in this genre. the sheer glee ...more

it is staggering how well this still holds up. an incredibly important and formative game which effectively laid the groundwork for countless later titles and popularized what i consider to be some of the most essential game design trends. on top of ...more


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i sincerely believe that this is a perfect game.

the most literary game i've ever played. i'm not normally one for these sorts of remarks, but it really feels like this title elevated the entire video game medium to a higher artistic standard.