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Super Castlevania IV1991


Super Nintendo Entertainment S...

Cover of Super Castlevania IV

weakest castlevania i've played so far. not terrible but kind of thoughtless and often frustrating. the platforming can get really obtuse and irritating, and the insta-kill pits were the primary reason for most of my deaths. bosses are either far too...more

easily the hardest game in the series (on legend difficulty) - that is perhaps with the exception of the original ghosts n goblins, but the crucial difference there is that this game achieves its difficulty through grueling yet mostly fair obstacles ...more

this game's soundtrack is an absolute slapper

starts out pretty fun, quickly devolves into what can only be described as utter nonsense. no shame in playing this one with save states. gets some credit for being the starting point of a great series, but only really worth playing as a curiosity.

Ghouls 'n Ghosts1988


Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

Cover of Ghouls 'n Ghosts

honestly pretty hilarious how much of a breeze this game is after playing through resurrection on legend difficulty. just a pleasant, relaxing experience.