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I've tried on a few occasions in the past to play through this, though each has been well after the the game's original release. This was my furthest effort so far, and I got near the halfway mark before I finally gave up. It's a little frustrating...more

Admirable for its open ended structure and deep mechanics. I liked the main character sprite work, and Ito's score has some great moments. But this was a painfully obtuse experience overall, with little discernible direction. The battle counter ti...more

Offers a reasonable amount of small bonuses ease of access features to feel fresh and less punishing than the games were on the original hardware, without losing anything in the process. Each of the three games is fun, and unique from each other, ta...more

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. There are plenty of quality of life clean ups that made this feel like a smoother, more modern experience over Nocturne, but nothing that took away from the tactical feeling of the combat, or the general difficulty o...more

As far as the story and character tropes go, this is pretty meat and potatoes. Predictable, doesn't reinvent the wheel, but everything is well executed and satisfying to see through. The sheer amount of optional skits and party dialogue, plus a c...more


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