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Consistent with its predecessor, Mother 3 has a charmingly quirky aesthetic that juggles offbeat humor with abject tragedy rather well. It remains thematically heavy, but does develop a more focused personal narrative. That said, while some small t...more

Certain mechanics can be tedious and unbalanced, but it has a remarkably unique and influential aesthetic that blends wholesome, childlike wonder with surreal, abstract horror. I have no idea what I would've made of this if I'd played it as a child,...more

Unfortunately a corrupt save has set me back several hours on this one and I just don't want to do it again. Not a bad game in all, but feels like a huge step back after V, which has probably the most ambitious and fleshed out plot and cast of all t...more

An incredible improvement over IV. While they bear a lot of visual similarities as DS remasters from the same era, many small changes and updates have improved the experience, from the fixing of the restarting music issue, more fluid battle sprites,...more

How much of my disappointment for this game is a product of my overwhelming enjoyment of Dragon Quest III is hard to say. While there are obvious updates between the NES version of this game and the PS1 remaster that this port is based on, there are...more




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