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Man I've had some bad luck lately, but the game crashed on me IN THE SAVE ROOM after an especially grueling dungeon and boss gauntlet. So I lost a lot of time and progress and that just kinda set me off of the game for a while. That said, I've been...more

Returned to this after the release of the Mr. X Nightmare DLC, and had to bump my rating up. Already a fantastic, back to the roots beat 'em up, now with even more going for it. Immediately felt satisfying to jump back into. Can't recommend it eno...more

The last mainline game I needed to play (though IX remains the last I need to beat, technically, or at least try to beat considering that I'm dropping this one). I'd put this one off and been wary about it because of its notorious reputation as the ...more

Once upon a time I'd have had more patience for this. It has a cute aesthetic, and the airship-centric world building is interesting. But wow is it slooooooowwww. Walking around, combat, airship combat especially. Everything takes for ever, and f...more


Very conflicted feelings about this one. Love the general art direction, and the weird, high concept plot line that sees you guiding the evolution of an Earth and Humankind that is familiar to our own. The first leg of the game was a lot of fun and...more


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